Save Money When Buying/Building Your Dream Home


Save Money Buying or Building Your Dream Home

Hire the best Agent.

A person with experience and the knowledge of your local area is usually the best choice. The experience of the “New Home Team Agents” enables them to suggest the right price to get the most money in the time frame you need for your home to be sold. The “New Home Team Agents” will negotiate on your behalf and can be a huge benefit in all aspects of your transaction. 

The Agent that is selling your new home may be your best bet as they have a great incentive to get your home sold.

Have a backup plan if your home does not sell.

2 Paradise Realty and The New Home Team offers property management services and can rent your home until the market improves or often find a tenant that will allow showings. Ask your New Home Agent how this works. Find a 2nd loan or real estate investor that will pay you money to cover home expenses until your home is Sold.

Make sure you have representation!

Your “New Home Team Agent” will make sure that you see a variety of homes. You need someone looking out for your interests only. Your “New Home Team” can show you the homes that you need to see. Homes with the latest features available in the building industry, homes that meet your specific requirements, and homes that display the latest in construction materials available. When you are ready to make your new home selection you will have the confidence that you have made the right decision and gotten the best value in the market place.

Find and Hire the Right Builder.

Make sure you see your Builder’s work! The “New Home Team” can help you get the bids to make sure your builder’s cost are reasonable. Let the New Home Team expertise in the real estate industry help you with your homework. Hiring the wrong builder can be a horrible experience. The New Home Team is there to cover your back and document your agreements.

Ask the right questions and know what questions to ask.  

Your New Home Team Agent will provide you with a check list of almost every question that you need to or may want to ask your builder.

Another great way to save to money when buying or selling a house is to:

Negotiate sweat equity in your contract and inform yourself about Tax Credits.

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